Lavaroots African Drum and Dance Performance Company

LavaRoots Drum and Dance Performing Arts Company | Big Island Hawaii

Founded in 2002 on the Big Island of Hawaii, we are a dynamic performing arts company, dedicated to the expression of one’s true self through movement, music & culture. We specialize in West African dance and drumming, passed down from our many Master Teachers. We are honored to share the healing power of moving to the drum. Through the dance, we build mind-body-soul connection, inner confidence, strength & community, one beat at a time. We invite you to join us, either as an audience member or a participant, in the spirit of joy & self-discovery!

We offer classes in West African Dance, Hip Hop, Funk & Creative Movement. We also produce multi-media events & performances, that at times include other modalities and forms of dance, such as Samoan, Tahitian & Hawaiian. If you are interested in taking a class or hiring us for an event please contact us.